1. All services on this site are offered by A & G Cab Services, ABN 59452690660, trading as Luxury Tours.

2. The inclusion of additional services into the tour program is available only with prior arrangement and at your expense.

3. An increase in a number of travellers after the booking confirmation can be made only with the agreement of Luxury Tours and can lead to a higher price.

4. When booking your tour you must indicate the number of participants, whether adults or children.

Child Policy

5. Luxury Tours provides services at child’s rates for children of ages 0-14 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Children’s seats are provided.

Payment terms

6. All bookings remain unvalidated by Luxury Tours until you receive a booking confirmation email. If the booking is available, you will be provided with a link to make your prepayment using a payment method of your choice. By booking your tour on this site, you agree to the given Terms and Conditions agreement between the service provider (Luxury Tours) and you as a customer.

7. After completing your booking, you will be informed of the full and final cost of requested services. This cost includes the conducting of the tour on the chosen route shown in the description at the decided time, date and place.

8. After prepayment, you will be sent a voucher with a detailed description of the tour. If you chose to make a partial prepayment of your booking, the rest of the payment must be made before the start of the tour. The receipt for the services provided will be sent to you via email within 48 hours of the conducted tour.

9. The payment can be made by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards, PayPal or cash.

10. Luxury Tours retains the right to cancel the tour without any further explanation until the customer has made their prepayment.

11. In the case of the tour cancellation due to our fault, Luxury Tours guarantees to give you all your money back.

Cancellation policy

12. If the tour is cancelled 48 hours or earlier prior the tour date, the payment will be reimbursed completely. In the case of a later cancellation (leaving less than 48 hours before the tour), your prepayment will not be refunded.

13. The customer must show the guide the voucher sent to them after their booking confirmation. The guide has the right to ask for the customers’ ID for security purposes.

14. Luxury Tours kindly recommends all participants to obtain travel insurance.

15. The customers’ safety is our highest priority and we will do all we can to provide it, however, we cannot guarantee their absolute safety on the tour. Luxury Tours does not take responsibility for any losses or damages except those occurring due to the obvious negligence of Luxury Tours personnel. Thus, when agreeing to the given Terms and Conditions, the customer confirms that they take on full responsibility for the actions they take against the advice of Luxury Tours personnel or without their knowledge.

16. All tour participants must follow any instructions given to them by the guide. It is compulsory for participants to follow the generally accepted norms of behaviour. Therefore, Luxury Tours retains the right to terminate the tour for those participants, whose behaviour is unacceptable. This may happen in the case of disorderly or abusive conduct, an inadequacy of clothing; alcohol intoxication, incapacity or inability to meet the general safety regulations of the tour. In this case, the cost of the tour will not be refunded.

17. Smoking, consumption of alcohol and food on board Luxury Tours transportation vehicles are strictly prohibited. Time will be allocated to these actions during the tour.

18. If you have any complaints, please inform the guide or contact us by using any of the contact details on the website. Complaints may also be made within 14 days of the conducted tour in written form.

Confidential policy

20. Luxury Tours maintains the high-level confidentiality of private details obtained during the booking and the tour itself. Luxury Tours guarantees that contact details will not be disclosed to third party members and will be used solely for internal purposes. Luxury Tours can contact you for feedback or to make new offers. If you do not wish to receive such information from Luxury Tours you may cancel the subscription to our newsletters after receiving the first email.